HOW TO: Care for Synthetic Hair

HOW TO: Care for Synthetic Hair
January 12th, 2016, Christy's Wigs - Alternative Hair Specialists, 0 Comments



Recommended products you will need:

Before washing your wig or hairpiece, gently remove any tangles with your Jon Renau | easihair paddle brush or Jon Renau | easihair wide tooth comb

Fill sink with cool water and submerge wig or hairpiece. Emulsify a capful of Jon Renau | easihair Synthetic Wig Shampoo into the hair

Gently lather the hair with shampoo while making sure that the hair is traveling in the same direction. DO NOT rub hair as this may cause tangling

Rinse thoroughly in cool water until water runs clear

Wrap wig or hairpiece in a towel and gently pat dry

Gently detangle hair using your Jon Renau | easihair wide tooth comb

Spray with Jon Renau | easihair Leave-In Conditioning Spray (3-5 pumps)

Allow wig or hairpiece to air dry naturally by placing on a plastic or wire wig stand. DO NOT blow dry!

Styling is very easy with your Jon Renau wig or hairpiece. We recommend simply using your fingertips or wig brush/comb for your desired style

If fullness is desired, gently backcomb hair using your brush/comb, then smooth the surface hair over and apply Jon Renau | easihair Holding Spray

DO NOT use heat to style synthetic fiber (curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, etc)

Be cautious when standing near a heat source (i.e. open oven, heater, etc.) Excessive heat can damage the fiber

We recommend using Jon Renau | easihair HD Smooth with a wide tooth comb to detangle your synthetic wig or hairpiece. This is especially important with the mid-length to long length wig

If you receive your wig or hairpiece and there is a slight "cold crimp" in the style, mist with water and HD Smooth Detangler Spray and smooth back into the original shape; allow to air dry completely

Mono Top wigs allow multi-directional parting in the monofilament area. If the fiber is being resistant when changing the parting, warm your hands by vigorously rubbing them together and place your palm flat on the part, hold for 10-15 seconds. The warmth from your hands will help the fiber settle into the new parting and direction

(When cutting synthetic fiber, we recommend using a dense steel blade shear. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING A RAZOR FOR CUTTING SYNTHETIC FIBER. This tool can shred the ends and lead to fraying and damage to the fiber. We recommend always having a licensed Cosmetologist or a trained Alternative Hair Specialist cut/trim your chosen wigs/hairpieces/extensions).