From the sidewalk to the catwalk, day to night — The Simply Straight Pony by Hairdo (formerly Wrap-Around Pony) creates a thick, natural looking hairstyle in a snap. This 18 inch long pony made of Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic hair can be styled for different looks. Flat iron it stick-straight or add wavy texture to match any occasion. With the comb and clip attachments, the Simply Straight Pony can be placed high, low or to the side for different styles. To conceal where the ponytail meets your own hair, a strip of hair wraps around and fastens with Velcro. Secure the section of hair with a bobby pin provided. You'll have a beautiful ponytail in seconds with the Simply Straight Pony!





Collection: Hairdo by Hair U Wear

Product Type: Hair Extension

Hair Type: Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair

Overall Length: 18"



• Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair - a unique blend of 30% human hair and 70% synthetic fiber that allows usage of most heat appliances up to 210 degrees. 

Comb/Velcro Attachment - Unique attachment consists of small comb and ponytail holder with a pre-designated strip of hair and Velcro to create natural looking integration.

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