The 18" 8 Piece Wavy Extension Kit by hairdo offers eight 18" long clip-in hair pieces of varied widths for added length and volume. Style the Tru2Life Heat-friendly synthetic hair with heat tools to curl or straighten. Use as many or as few of the pieces as you want to create different looks. Small waves or a tidal wave? Use one or more! Celebrity hair stylist and hairdo co-founder Ken Paves says it's “incredibly sexy hair that's a snap to wear!" This extension kit is made with Tru2Life® heat-friendly synthetic hair that can be flat-ironed, curled or blown out.


The Hairdo 8-Piece Wavy Extension Kit includes eight 18" long pieces in the following widths:

1 – 7" wide weft

1 – 6" wide weft

4 – 4" wide wefts

2 – 2.5" wide wefts





Collection: Hairdo

Product Type: Hair Extension

Hair Type: Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair

Product Weight: 4.3 ounces

Overall Length: 18"




Tru2Life® Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair - Each hand-blended color is made of 7-11 shades, resulting in a natural look that blends with just about any hair color. The Tru2Life® fiber looks and feels like human hair and can be heat styled using thermal styling tools up to 350°F [177°C].

Each piece is 18" long and varies in width: one 6" piece, one 7" piece, two 2.5" pieces and four 4" pieces.

Pressure Sensitive Clips - are easy to attach, lightweight and won't damage your own hair.

Each color is made with 7-11 shades for the most natural looking color.


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