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Ruby by Amore

$276.00 $193.20
Ruby by Amore is a playful look with soft, flipped out layers and razor finish combined with a doub..
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Codi by Amore

$273.00 $191.10
Codi by Amore is a chin length angled bob with side swept fringe bangs. Within the Amore Designer S..
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Human Hair Color Ring by Amore

Pick the perfect color the first time. Use the hair samples on a color ring to identify the best s..
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Marley by Amore

$456.00 $364.80
The Marley from Amore 2017 April Spring Collection is an asymmetrical bob that features 100% hand-t..
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Phoenix by Amore

$438.00 $350.40
The Phoenix from Amore 2017 April Spring Collection is classic pixie cut wig. The Phoenix features ..
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Olivia by Amore

$489.00 $359.42
The Olivia by Amore is a longer pixie wig style made of synthetic hair. Featuring all over textured..
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Mariana by Amore

$276.00 $202.86
The Mariana by Amore is a short and sweet style, with fringe and a tapered neck. It features a doub..
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Dylan by Amore

$295.00 $245.00
The Dylan Wig by Amore is a tapered bob cut with gently feathered bangs and additional hair volume ..
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Codi XO by Amore

$440.00 $373.00
Codi XO by Amore is your favorite style, now in a New Cap! The angled bob and side swept fringe cr..
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Tiana XO by Amore

$420.00 $356.00
The Tiana XO by Amore has a 100% hand-tied double monofilament top for multi-directional styling! I..
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Alana XO by Amore

$448.00 $380.00
Alana XO by Amore is a sophisticated, shoulder length bob that is very versatile and comfortable. ..
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Penelope XO by Amore

$458.00 $388.00
Penelope XO by Amore is a fun, flirty, fashion-forward statement piece! The shoulder length style i..
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Wendy by Amore

$246.87 $196.50
Wendy by Amore is a short textured "coif" wig that is undeniably sexy with its long, angular fringe..
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Marie by Amore

$302.00 $252.00
Marie by Amore is a medium length wig with a double-layered monofilament top and sexy, feathered s..
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Connie by Amore

$237.50 $189.00
Connie by Amore is a chic sassy short wig. This incredibly low-maintenance style is feminine and f..
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Victoria by Amore

$307.14 $214.00
Victoria by Amore is a trend-setting color length flip style with textured edges. This style featur..
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Veronica by Amore

$513.00 $358.10
 Veronica by Amore is a classic bob wig style made of synthetic hair. Featuring a short, precu..
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Tova by Amore

$261.00 $181.70
 Tova by Amore is a highly flattering cropped pixie, gives you texture and style with its wisp..
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Tatum by Amore

$285.00 $198.50
 The Tatum by Amore is a fashion-forward straight look with a center part and blunt fringe. It..
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Summer by Amore

$282.00 $196.40
The Summer by Amore is an easy going, medium length style with a swooped fringe and round layers fe..
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Stevie by Amore

$288.00 $200.60
The Stevie by Amore has sleek long flowy layers that evoke a sensuous essence. The monofilament top..
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Short Top Piece - 4.75" X 5.4" Base | Synthetic Hair Topper (Full Mono)

$192.86 $134.00
The Short Top Piece by Amore is a versatile hairpiece that creates everything from tousled tresses ..
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Samantha by Amore

$264.00 $183.80
Shoulder length, pageboy cut with chiseled ends and side-swept textured fringe.   SPECIF..
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Sadie by Amore

$444.00 $309.95
A dramatically angled bob with a tightly tapered nape and full fringe.   SPECIFICATIONS:..
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